Etutor.iCass (iPad Version)
Steps to Download and Activate Content of Etutor.iClass
1.  With your iPad by using Safari / Chrome. Tap on the selected level of “Etutor.iClass” icon. Tap “Install” on the pop-up window.
请使用您的iPad,选择浏览器(Safari或者Chrome),点按您选择的适合年级的 Ettor.iClass 图标。在弹出的提示中点按 Install 开始下载。
2.  Download progress will be shown on Home Screen of iPad. The content is about 2G, please wait as the content takes time to download.
3.  Upon successful download and installation, iClass icon will appear on the screen of your iPad. Tap on the icon to activate your ID.
下载完成后,iPad 屏幕上将显示 “iClass” 图标。点按图标,进入激活页面。
4.  Fill in the registration details, and then tap on “Register” to complete the registration process.
正确填写注册表格资料,点按 Register 完成注册。
5.  Pop-up Window will show “Congratulation” upon successful registration. Tap on the bookshelf to select iClass iPad Version content.
注册成功。屏幕出现 iClass 选课书架。点按书架上的图标,选择下载相应单元的内容。
6.  Activation successful. You may now access to content of Etutor.iClass programme.
If you encounter download or installation problem, please refer to:
1.  While installing the Etutor.iClass App, if screen pop-up Untrusted Enterprise Developer, please tap Cancel.

当安装 Etutor.iClass App 时,屏幕提示 Untrusted Enterprise Developer,点按 Cancel
2.  Tap on iPad - Settings - General - Device Management

点按 iPadSettings General - Device Management
3.  Under Profile, select the App developer :
E-Com Digital International Pte Ltd

点按 App 开发商公司名字:E-Com Digital International Pte Ltd
4.  On above pop-up window, please tap Trust to complete the once-off developer trust setting.

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